What is NPC Secure?

NPC Secure is an Internet-based, real time credit card payment application that enables merchants to process and manage Retail, MO/TO and e-Commerce transactions quickly and easily. NPC Secure lets merchants do away with costly hardware-based POS terminals. With NPC Secure, any operator with an Internet connection can have access to the most powerful, flexible and cost-effective payment application available - with no software to install

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Manage Transactions

Merchants have the ability to settle, freeze, thaw, issue full, blind or partial credits, setup a recurring schedule, delete, reauthorize and view transaction detail in one easy to use screen on NPC Secure.

Up to 30 user-defined fields

Merchants now have the ability to collect additional data and include that data with their reporting. This is vital to the Emerging Market Merchant Segments such as Property Management, Utilities, Government, Healthcare, etc. NPC has taken these additional fields and customized them in NPC Secure for specific Emerging Markets making standard Virtual Point of Sale Applications for each Emerging Market.

Customized Reporting

NPC Secure provides advanced reporting allowing merchant to query all transactions for detailed, summary or customized reporting. The user can select which fields they want in their report and create the adhoc custom report for one time use or recurring use as these parameters can be saved for future use. Once the report is run, it can be printed to a file or exported to a comma separated file for reconciliation in an external application.

Customer and Merchant Email Notification

NPC Secure supports confirmation emails to both the merchant and card-holders. These emails are fully configurable and since NPC Secure has it's own email servers, the merchant does not have to rely on their email service for this feature.

Recurring Payments

Merchants who are providing subscriptions or any service that requires billing on a regular basis can automate this task with NPC Secure's recurring payment capability. There are nine different recurring payment schedules supported (i.e.: monthly, weekly, annually, etc.) This feature eliminates the need for the merchant to re-enter the customer's credit card information as well as the need to store the credit card numbers in an encrypted database for PCI security reasons.

Support for Many leading shopping cart applications

NPC Secure is integrated into a wide variety of shopping cart applications. This enables your developer to utilize existing shopping cart applications which the need to build the credit card processing from scratch, thereby reducing the merchant's start-up cost.

AVS & CVV Fraud Screening
NPC Secure provides full control of Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verification (CVV). Both of these fraud tools aide in reducing fraud in the card-not-present environment by matching and validating the entered values with that at the Issuing Bank during authorization. If no match is found, for AVS for example, the transaction can be "declined" at the merchant's location as it can be though of as a fraudulent transaction. These settings are fully configurable by the merchant at the time of setup.
Free Customer Support

NPC's exceptional PC Specialty Helpdesk provides free support to all merchants via a dedicated phone number or email.




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